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Your best smile often begins with making sure you’re utilizing healthy food options. Not only do you need to make sure that you’re eating nutritious meals from all five food groups, but you also need to be avoiding unhealthy foods and drinks that can easily damage your smile. Numerous products can destroy your smile through oral accidents, dental damage, dental erosion, tooth decay and more.

One of the biggest risks associated with your diet comes from the fact that harmful substances in your mouth can be converted into acids. Sugars are well known for producing acids capable of eating through your tooth enamel. This process occurs due to plaque and bacteria in your mouth that can transform these substances into the acids necessary to wear down your tooth enamel. Furthermore, extremely sour products, starchy foods and foods that are heavily loaded with carbs can all increase your risk of dental erosion.

Not only can your teeth be damaged by microscopic bacteria and acids in your mouth, but you can also end up suffering from damage due to hard substances. As your teeth weaken and become more brittle with age, it is important to continue consuming enamel-building foods and drinks to strengthen your teeth. However, even if your teeth are strong, you could still end up suffering chips and cracks if you bite into hard products. Always exercise caution when biting into any kinds of foods and avoid inedible products at all times.

Lastly, avoid sticky or chewy sweets or foods that can easily get lost between teeth. This is because they can often be difficult to wash away and can increase the rate at which tooth decay can occur. They can also increase your risk of plaque build-up.

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