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Do you have one or more teeth that feel painful or uncomfortable when you chew food? Does this sensation seem especially severe when you eat or drink something cold, hot or sweet? The development of sensitive teeth often occurs because of a lack of tooth enamel, and we can help you protect your smile.

The different causes of tooth sensitivity can be cracked teeth, cavities, loose dental fillings, gum disease that has exposed the tooth roots and bruxism that causes tooth grinding. Most commonly, you can develop tooth sensitivity as a result of tooth enamel loss. You can also be at risk of tooth sensitivity if you have a buildup of plaque that is causing you to experience tooth decay or gum disease.

You can take steps now to prevent the loss of tooth enamel by using a fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day and flossing your teeth daily. Regular visits to the dentist to receive dental cleanings and exams allows Dr. Jon Molinare to pinpoint areas of your smile that are lacking tooth enamel. Not only can our dentist help you treat tooth sensitivity, he can also remove plaque or tartar from your teeth to lower the risk of tooth sensitivity. By using a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your teeth, using an effective toothpaste and increasing your fluoride intake, you can protect your teeth against sensitivity.

Instead of continuing to struggle with sensitive teeth, you are welcome to contact Molinare Dental Group at 973-993-1979 today and schedule an appointment to learn more about treatment for tooth sensitivity in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey.