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Are you familiar with the risks of being a teen on your oral health? During your teen years, the last of your adult teeth, the wisdom teeth grow in. Along with several oral health problems that can arise with the last of your teeth growing in, several other peer pressure risks and lifestyle choices can also tend to show up during these crucial years. Listed below are common risk factors for a teen’s smile:

  • Because the last of your adult teeth, the wisdom teeth, grow in as a teen, you will need to exercise caution with them to ensure further damage does not occur. Tooth decay, infection, crossbites and a failure for wisdom teeth to erupt properly can all occur due to wisdom teeth eruption.
  • During the teen years, individuals are much more likely to be confronted with smoking and drug peer-pressure risks. However, these products should be avoided as they can damage your smile and your physical health.
  • A common oral health risk that strikes teens is oral accidents and injuries from sports. If you are playing any sports, make sure that you are wearing the necessary safety equipment including mouth guards or face masks.
  • Exercise caution with mouth jewelry such as lip or tongue rings. These products have been known to damage teeth and gums, give rise to infectious diseases and cause permanent nerve damage.

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