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Are you exercising caution with the food and drinks you consume? Have you established an effective oral health care prevention plan to ensure that dangerous substances cannot destroy your smile? In order to keep your smile in its peak condition, beware of any products that you may be consuming that can potentially damage your teeth and gums.

Are you aware of the dangers that potato chips can cause? The truth is that potato chips are extremely starchy, which bacteria your mouth can use to break down into harmful acids that can cause dental erosion.

Be aware that opening stuff with your teeth is a bad idea. Even a single accident due to opening your teeth can severely damage or hinder your oral health. Do the likelihood of chipping, use alternative products such a scissors or bottle openers to open any products you need.

In order to avoid tooth hazards caused by constant snacking, reduce the number of snacks you have per day, or cut out all snacks in between mealtimes. The longer you snack, the greater the risk it is for your teeth. In addition, snacking is known to create much less saliva than a meal will, which can lead to less protection for your smiles.

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