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If you ever feel tense in the dental chair during your dental cleaning appointments, then our dentist, Dr. Jon Molinare, wants to help you relax and feel more comfortable. That way you can have a better dental experience. So, he would like to share some tips on how to stay distracted during your dental cleaning. Those tips are:

-Bring music to your appointment. It’s best if the music is calming because it can help you keep your heart rate down. You can also bring new music that you have never heard before. This can help you focus on the words rather than the treatment.

-Have breathing techniques. Breathing techniques can keep your heart rate slow and steady and can also take your mind off the cleaning and exam being performed.

-Bring a friend to the appointment with you. Have them sit next to you, squeeze your hand, and tell you stories. Their interesting tales can distract you and keep you entertained.

-Talk to your hygienist and ask them questions. Learn more about your oral health and smile! When your hygienist is working on your teeth, they can answer your questions and teach you all you need to know.

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