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A dental veneer is a small, thin casing placed on the fronts of teeth for an enhanced look used to conceal damage. Although some tooth enamel may need to be removed to place the veneer, the amount removed is often far less than what needs to be removed for dental crowns and caps.

Have you given your smile the added benefits of dental veneers? If not, consider the following reasons to look into them:

– Dental veneers can conceal damaged or missing tooth enamel that has been lost to tooth decay and plaque buildup.

– Dental veneers are the ideal selection for whitening teeth because veneers are much more stain resistant than natural teeth.

– Teeth that have suffered mutilation from oral accidents or injuries can be concealed and covered with veneers.

– Slight misalignments in teeth can be concealed with veneers, and although the misalignments will not be fixed, the damage will be masked.

– Because veneers can be shaped and customized to your needs, it is plausible for spacing issues, including irregular gaps between teeth, to be closed with veneers.

– If you take care of your dental veneers, they can last over a decade.

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