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Although gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an oral health condition that progresses over a long period of time, if left untreated it could eventually lead to tooth loss. Fortunately, early symptoms begin to appear in its early stages.

An early stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. Gingivitis is commonly associated with oral health symptoms such as an inflammation or redness of your gums. In addition, if you frequently bleed from your mouth, or notice signs of spotting when brushing or flossing, gingivitis may be present. Additional symptoms include halitosis, a heightened sensitivity within your gums, and indications of gum recession away from your teeth.

Gum disease and gingivitis prevention plans ensure the disorder cannot progress into more advanced stages. You can begin by improving your oral health care, including your brushing and flossing daily routines. Furthermore, protect your mouth by removing unhealthy habits from your lifestyle including smoking and chewing tobacco. For additional help, visit your dentist.

Always make time in your life to visit your dentist at Molinare Dental Group for an oral exam to check for signs of gingivitis. If necessary, you can book an appointment with Dr. Jon Molinare for a detailed exam of your oral health. You can reach our dentist office in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, by calling us at 973-993-1979. Get the smile you’ve always dreamed of with our help now.