Dental Implants: Your Solution for Missing Teeth

At Molinare Dental Group, the dental practice of Dr. Jon Molinare in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, we are pleased to offer dental implants for our patients looking for a natural looking smile after losing one or more of their pearly whites. Our dental implant restorations will allow you to eat, smile, talk and laugh with… Read more »

Find the Best Toothpaste for Your Teeth

Our team at encourages you to brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially if your teeth require special care. If more than a cleaning is needed to keep your teeth happy, we suggest incorporating one of these toothpastes into your daily dental care routine: – Whitening toothpaste: Dull or stained or stained teeth… Read more »

Why are Regular Dental Appointments Important?

You brush and floss every day, right? Do you really need to visit the dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings? The answer is yes, because your dentist is trained to detect oral issues before they have a chance to ruin your health. At every dental checkup, your dentist will perform two actions: evaluate… Read more »

Don’t Let Cavities Develop on Your Watch

You play an important role in the prevention of cavities which can harm your healthy smile. Working with Dr. Jon Molinare and his team, you can create a healthy, cavity-free smile for years to come. Why do you want to avoid cavities? It’s simple, cavities are holes in tooth enamel from erosion due to plaque formation in… Read more »

Why Your Healthy Smile Is Your Body’s Ally

Dental cleanings aren’t just for your oral health anymore. We are beginning to see how oral health reaches beyond healthy teeth and gums to support your body’s overall health as well. We have always known that regular professional teeth cleanings work alongside your daily oral regimen to result in a healthy smile. And preventing tooth decay and gum… Read more »

A Crown Can Improve a Tooth’s Cosmetic Appeal

Chips, fractures, alignment problems or deep stains on your teeth can leave you with an unappealing smile. Some people will turn to dental veneers to give them a more appealing smile. It’s not unheard of for one or more teeth to need a crown due to thin enamel or past dental work. A crown essentially… Read more »

A Few Common Brushing Mistakes

When it comes to brushing, would you be surprised to learn that many people make a few mistakes? If you’re interested in learning more, please read on! For example, did you know you could be damaging your gums if you brush too hard or use a toothbrush with bristles that are too firm? Similarly, did… Read more »

Simple Items to keep in a Dental First Aid Kit

An emergency is just as likely to happen in your mouth as it is any other part of your body. There are a few basic items you can keep in a kit that will help you manage oral emergencies when they happen. For many dental emergencies waxed dental floss is very helpful. The waxy coating… Read more »

Why You Should Look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance

With over 300 dental products carrying the ADA Seal of Acceptance, you are bound to run across some when you are looking for your next toothbrush or mouthwash. Have you ever wondered what the Seal was, or who the ADA is? For over 125 years the American Dental Association, a non-profit entity, has been helping… Read more »

Healthy Teeth and Gums While Pregnant

What is the first thing you think about when you discover you are pregnant? Finding a good obstetrician? You are not alone! But while you are scheduling that first appointment, you will want to schedule a visit to your dentist as well, especially if it has been awhile since your last checkup and cleaning. Because… Read more »