A Confident Smile Begins with Healthy Teeth and Gums

A confident smile begins with both healthy teeth and gums. Most of us tend to focus on our pearly whites, as they seem to be the stars of the show. But one of the main factors in adult tooth loss is gum disease (also known as periodontal disease). A major reason for this is that… Read more »

The Function and Appearance of an Extracted Tooth Can Often Be Replaced by a Bridge

There are cases when a tooth is so badly decayed and damaged that it must be extracted to prevent pain, infection and future complications. When this happens it can seriously impair your ability to chew food, slur your speech or affect the alignment of the neighboring teeth. One of the more common method for restoring… Read more »

Should Your Kids Get a Checkup Before School Starts?

What can you do to help your children have a healthy school year? As you may know, one major part of keeping your child healthy is helping your little one have a healthy mouth. As a parent, you can help your child stay healthy by scheduling a back to school dental visit. While your little… Read more »

Everyday Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your New Set of Dentures

When our team of dental professionals fitted you for your new set of dentures, the appliance was meant to restore the full function and appearance of your missing or extracted teeth for a long time to come. By cleaning and maintaining your new set of dentures every day, it helps ensure that they will serve… Read more »

A Damaged Bridge Requires Urgent Attention

There are a few rare occasions when a blow to the face or a hard fall can hit your bridge with enough force that it causes damage to the anchoring teeth that hold it in place. The chances of this happening are even higher if you participate in contact sports without having the protection of… Read more »

Discreet Smile Alignment With Invisalign®

Many adults desire a straighter smile, but are hesitant to pursue traditional braces. They might feel embarrassed about being one of very few in their age group with braces, or hold a professional position that braces don’t suit. If you find yourself in this position, the solution you are looking for might be Invisalign® clear… Read more »

Dental Implants: Your Solution for Missing Teeth

At Molinare Dental Group, the dental practice of Dr. Jon Molinare in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, we are pleased to offer dental implants for our patients looking for a natural looking smile after losing one or more of their pearly whites. Our dental implant restorations will allow you to eat, smile, talk and laugh with… Read more »

Find the Best Toothpaste for Your Teeth

Our team at encourages you to brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially if your teeth require special care. If more than a cleaning is needed to keep your teeth happy, we suggest incorporating one of these toothpastes into your daily dental care routine: – Whitening toothpaste: Dull or stained or stained teeth… Read more »

Why are Regular Dental Appointments Important?

You brush and floss every day, right? Do you really need to visit the dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings? The answer is yes, because your dentist is trained to detect oral issues before they have a chance to ruin your health. At every dental checkup, your dentist will perform two actions: evaluate… Read more »

Don’t Let Cavities Develop on Your Watch

You play an important role in the prevention of cavities which can harm your healthy smile. Working with Dr. Jon Molinare and his team, you can create a healthy, cavity-free smile for years to come. Why do you want to avoid cavities? It’s simple, cavities are holes in tooth enamel from erosion due to plaque formation in… Read more »