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There are some extreme situations when a hard blow to the face can severely crack, fracture or break a tooth. If the damage to the interior structures of the tooth is severe, your dentist, Dr. Jon Molinare, might not even be able to save it with a root canal. If this is the case, he might have to extract the tooth to treat the pain and prevent further complications.

Later, Dr. Jon Molinare can help you decide if you want to replace the broken tooth with a dental implant or dental bridge. A dental bridge in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, is less invasive and a faster restoration method than a dental implant. It is basically an artificial tooth that mimics the appearance of a natural tooth. It is fused onto a base with a hollow crown at each end. It will eventually be anchored onto abutments formed out of the core of the two closest teeth.

Dr. Jon Molinare will form the two abutments by removing the tooth enamel from each tooth. The abutments will contain the dentin layer surrounding the healthy pulp and root of the tooth.

Then, he will form a detailed impression of the two abutments and the corresponding teeth. This will be sent to a state-of-the-art dental lab where your new bridge will be custom made.

Next, he will secure a hard, plastic, temporary crown over each abutment to protect them while the dental lab technician does their work.

When the bridge is ready, Dr. Jon Molinare will call you to schedule a brief second appointment. When you come in, he will remove the temporary crowns and cement your new bridge into place.

If you have a cracked, fractured or badly damaged tooth, you should not delay in calling Molinare Dental Group at 973-993-1979 to set up an emergency appointment.